About our student dormitory

Our mission is to constantly build students’ trust, credibility and respect for them. Students come first for us, their wishes and needs are a top priority for us. We strive to meet our goals and therefore we must continue to constantly increase our efficiency. The students are the power!



The main activity of DSD “Pelagonija” is providing accommodation and food for students, upbringing and education of the same, realized through plans and programs determined by legal regulations MES and Bureau for Development of Education in RS Macedonia.

The educational activity in the dormitory is organized in groups. Upon arrival, students will be arranged in rooms and acquainted with the daily articulation and organization of life and work at the dormotory, in order to form habits of a culture of collective living, developing a sense of duty and responsibility as well as mutual respect and tolerance. 

It is intended for students from I – IV year who need home accommodation (because they study outside the place of residence) and meet the criteria according to a competition announced by the Ministry of Education and Science at the beginning of the study year.

As an institution of public interest, the dormitory provides students with accommodation, food, health care, cultural-entertainment, sports-recreational and other activities.

DSD “Pelagonija” has 997 beds, as follows:

– Number of beds for students from II, III, IV, V and VI year. and graduates: 797
– Number of beds for first year students: 200